Updates on The Fandemic Dead at ATL Comic Convention

ATL Comic Convention and The Fandemic Dead joined forces in 2022 to bring Atlanta something that has never been done before–an amazing mix of both worlds that consist of a Pop Culture / Comic Convention mixed with The Walking Dead Fandom.
ATL Comic Convention 2023 will have all your favorite fandoms, which will include some of The Walking Dead cast, merch, and experiences. The Walking Dead specific experiences will be co-branded with our Fandemic Experience logo.
We understand the blending of the brands can confuse people, but the mission of the two companies remains the same–to create an inclusive environment for people to celebrate all fandoms and form lasting friendships with other attendees, while also connecting them to their favorite celebrities creating magical moments.
ATL Comic Convention with The Fandemic Experience is so excited to bring you an amazing show that we couldn’t wait any longer, which is why our next event will take place in Atlanta February 24-26, 2023!

Will The Walking Dead Cast attend the event? 
The possibilities are endless. We are working on bringing in some of your favorites from The Walking Dead. Make sure you sign up for our newsletters and watch social for new guest announcements coming soon.

Will Fandemic travel to other cities like in the past? 
While the Fandemic Experience is a part of the event to Atlanta, the production team coordinating the ATL Comic Convention does put on other conventions in Indianapolis (May 5-7, 2023), Tampa Bay (July 28-30, 2023), and Salt Lake City (September 21-23, 2023).