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Sarah Natochenny Bio

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Voice Actors

Sarah Natochenny

Sarah Natochenny

Hi. Sarah Natochenny here. I play Ash Ketchum on Pokemon. I edit documentaries about foreign affairs. I also used to model for cameras. Why not.

I started acting when I was 12 after quitting my childhood career as a rhythmic gymnast. I was not to be an idle teenager, said the parents.

It didn’t work. Though watching an extraordinary amount of television did prove helpful to me as an editor, which is something I rub in my parents’ faces shamelessly and often.

I attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and embraced the method. Four years later, I was 16, precocious and armed with songs and monologues. I got an agent and was officially considered the coolest kid in school, save for those who disagreed. I wasn’t an incredibly cute kid, so I had to graduate from high school to make a name for myself in my native homeland of NYC. I got my parents to pay for improv classes at the UCB and Magnet theaters. This school of thought still serves me well. College happened for a few semesters.

2005-2015: I worked mostly with my voice. It’s great fun.