The Bombshells Cosplay

The Bombshells Cosplay is a cosplay creative group based out of Central Florida who are passionate about all things nerdy! We started humbly as 11 girls and won our first cosplay competition at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017. Since then, we have traversed several local and larger Florida events including the 2022 Orlando Fringe Festival where we debuted our show ‘Madame Bombshell’ at the Stardust Lounge. The Bombshells Cosplay takes pride in not only our handmade costumes but also our message of strong femininity, queerness, and body positivity. Our members are from incredibly diverse backgrounds with talents ranging from dance technique, makeup artistry, singing, costume design, burlesque, aerial performance, body painting, modeling, photography, and much more. Our events reflect these unique talents and our message of feminine empowerment in the community. Our goal is to share this message with the Central Florida community and teach the Shes/Theys/Gays to embrace themselves for who they are and let their inner creativity shine with confidence.

*Guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.

**Photo Op & Autograph experiences are subject to change due to health regulations regarding the ongoing pandemic.

**For more information about Autographs, Memorabilia Signings, Voice recordings, and other signing table opportunities visit the Celebrities Booth during the convention. Prices and options are subject to change.