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Michael Walsh Bio

by | Jan 24, 2018 | BIOS, Comic Creators

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

MICHAEL WALSH was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. 

After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree in illustration he primarily worked in graphic design and advertising illustration.

In 2013 Michael began work on his first published full length comic series COMEBACK at Image comics. He then spearheaded the comic book revival of the hit television show X-FILES at IDW. During this time he launched the series ZERO at Image.

Since 2014 Michael has been working with Marvel Comics. His first work at the publisher was a 15 issue run on the hit SECRET AVENGERS. He followed that up with an original creation HANK JOHNSON: AGENT OF HYDRA, the miniseries X-MEN: WORST X-MAN EVER, an issue of the critically acclaimed VISION, and currently, a run on ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT.

Michael has brought his eye for design and innovation to numerous covers across the industry for publishers such as VALIANT, BLACK MASK, ARCHIE COMICS, and IDW. In 2016 he worked on the HELLBOY : WINTER SPECIAL at Dark Horse and is currently writing and drawing his own stories for their anthology series Dark Horse Presents.