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Survive the Night

Jericho has sent you and your small team to check out a new area. You have 5 minutes! You must fight off The Undead and Survive.

Survive The Night is an all-new adventure. We combine some of the best elements of Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, and Video Games, and bring you a whole new level of immersive gameplay, unlike anything you have ever experienced. This game will be a 4 player live action shooting Gallery style game. Each player will need a ticket to play. If you do not have your own team, don’t worry,  we will pair you up with others to play the game. Because of the style of this game, there is no movement during the game. You just need to point and shoot the guns. That means Anyone can play. Your objective will be to Kill the Undead before they reach you.

More About Survive the Night:

Survive the Night at #ATLCC23

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