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Danica Rockwood Bio

by | Jun 27, 2016 | BIOS, Cosplayers

Danica Rockwood

Danica Rockwood

A vlogger, model, gamer, and an award-winning costumer, all wrapped up into one. Danica has many tricks up her sleeve. Anywhere from latex prosthetics, sewing, and make up, this lady’s arsenal of talents never runs thin. When she’s not running around town with her corgi looking like a goofball, she’s off live streaming video games on Twitch, working on her weekly YouTube channel, or sharing the joy and love of cosplay with others. Danica encourages people to crack open their shells and express their inner nerd via cosplay. With images that look as if you’ve pressed pause on your game, movie, or what have you, Danica has several publications in Geek Fantasy Magazine, The Escapist, and David Love Photography’s Cosplay Composition book. As well as worked with Versus Evil for their video game Banner Saga.